Technical documentation

Technical documentation

In accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, each plant/machine manufacturer is obliged to document the individual development phases of a plant / machine. This obligation applies for all phases of the machine lifecycle and is a prerequisite for CE marking.

The technical documentation must meet the following requirements:

  • Retention period: Minimum 10 years from the machine's manufacture date
  • Written in an official EU language
  • Submission to the relevant national authorities on request
  • Contents and results of the documentation must be traceable (origin, responsibilities, etc.)


In accordance with the Machinery Directive, technical documentation comprises:

  • An overall drawing of the machinery and drawings of the control circuits
  • Full, detailed drawings (accompanied by any calculation notes, test results, etc.) required to check the conformity of the machinery with the essential health and safety requirements
  • A list of the essential requirements of this directive, standards and other technical specifications used in the design of the machinery, a description of the protective measures implemented to eliminate hazards presented by the machinery (generally covered by the risk analysis)
  • Technical reports or certificates; reports or test results showing conformity, the machine's instructions for use
  • A general description of the machine
  • Declaration of conformity or declaration of incorporation plus the assembly instructions
  • Declarations of conformity for the machines or devices incorporated into the machinery


Specifications for operators / manufacturers

Where modifications do not represent a significant change, the operator / employer is generally responsible for the safety of these modifications. The operator / employer must ensure that he only provides his employees with work equipment that is safe. He should therefore do the following:

  • Note the health and safety legislation of the respective country
  • Note the industrial safety regulations (in Germany)
  • Product a document to test for significant change as evidence
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