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The DIE ZEIT Publishing Group honours German brand for safe automation in the area of control technology – Pilz is a “Brand of the Century”

The DIE ZEIT Publishing Group has published a new edition of the renowned “Brands of the Century” encyclopaedia. The automation company Pilz can be found in this work in the product category “Control technology” and is thus considered one of the leading German brands. The jury working with Dr Florian Langenscheidt acknowledged Pilz as the technology leader in safe automation. The reference work “Brands of the Century” only includes companies selected by an independent jury based on their evaluation.

“For me, major brands are to be considered a pars pro toto for the whole product category,” explains Dr Florian Langenscheidt, publisher of the “Brands of the Century 2022”. “Deep within we have formed an inseparable link between the product and the name of its most prominent representative.” This is also the case with Pilz. 

“Written industrial history”
The lexicon’s entry for Pilz claims: “As technological leader, Pilz is currently one of the most important brands in safe automation.” The family business has “written industrial history” with its safety relay PNOZ. “It is the world’s most widely used safety relay: Open any control cabinet and in all probability there will be a PNOZ installed inside,” it states in the newest edition of the “Brands of the Century”.

Brands “made in Germany”
Pilz thus joins other German brands such as Dräger, Meissen Porzellan or TÜV in this year’s encyclopaedia of the “Brands of the Century”. “This award is something special. It confirms that our brand promise ‘The spirit of safety’ is having precisely the effect on the customers that is most important in our field: a feeling of strong trust and reliability. We work toward that goal every day at Pilz,” explains Horst-Dietrich Kraus, Vice President Marketing and Communications at Pilz. 
The prestigious award has been handed out to German brands for 20 years, the last three of them by the DIE ZEIT Publishing Group. The path to the distinction as “Brand of the Century” is defined by a standard set of rules. During three evaluation phases, a jury selects brands that enjoy an unrivalled position in their product category. “Brands of the Century 2022” celebrated their book launch on 10 February 2022 in Berlin.

For 20 years, major German brands have been selected as “Brands of the Century”. (Photo: © Pilz GmbH & Co.KG)
For 20 years, major German brands have been selected as “Brands of the Century”. (Photo: © Pilz GmbH & Co.KG)

For 20 years, major German brands have been selected as “Brands of the Century”. (Photo: © Pilz GmbH & Co.KG)

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