8 Aug 2019

Security in the industrial environment

Want to deal with Industrial Security, but don’t know exactly how? We provide the most important information on industrial security.

Imagine that your company becomes the victim of a hacker attack. It may take several hours or days to discover the cause of the attack and to remedy it. You cannot remedy the problem by simply restarting the machine. Irreparable problems have often occurred in the data. To prevent your plant being down for an extended period you should also concern yourself with your company’s information security. You can’t just treat it as a side issue, because security is a “moving target”. New malware versions are discovered every day.

What to bear in mind?

It is important to take into account two different aspects of security: the interface between the plant and a network and protection of the network from external attacks. For the objects to be protected it is important that system integrity is ensured, i.e. that the systems work correctly and their data is complete and unchanged. In addition it must be ensured that the data and information is confidential. Security measures must not impair the availability of plant and machinery! You can talk of a successful security measure only when these objectives are achieved.

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