Light Curtain PSENopt - Configuration and Commissioning

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This product course provides you with an overview of the functions and areas of application of PSENopt light curtains and light grids. Other points covered include selecting light curtains and light grids with due regard to current regulations and standards. You will learn how to install and commission the products quickly and efficiently and how to perform servicing and diagnostics.

Light Curtain PSENopt


  • Design and functions of devices
  • Applicable standards and regulations
  • Installation with due regard to safety distances
  • Set-up of various modules
  • Mechanical integration into machines
  • Practical fault diagnostics and rectification
  • Test cycles
  • Applications
  • Products: PSENopt, PSENopt II, PSENopt Advanced, PSENopt slim
  • Configuration with PSENopt Configurator

Target groups

  • Maintenance engineers
  • Commissioning engineers
  • Planners
  • Design engineers


We will also be happy to perform approvals for light curtains and light grids at your premises as an additional service. Please contact us for further details.

Benefits to you

  • Familiarisation with scope of functionality and
  • fitting methods of various Pilz light curtains and grids

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