Laser Scanner PSENscan - Configuration and Commissioning

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Safety laser scanners are used in all areas of personal safety. Thanks to their freely defined, individual protected fields and compact design, their setup location is very flexible, and they can also be used in mobile applications. This course is designed as a concise introduction for entry level participants with little or no prior knowledge of the installation, configuration, and commissioning of the laser scanner PSENscan. The participants learn how to configure the danger points of plants and machinery with the aid of the user-friendly PSENscan Configurator and how to commission the laser scanner.

Safety laser scanner PSENscan


  • Important standards governing the handling of laser scanners
  • Basics and operating principle of the laser scanner PSENscan
  • Sizes and limits of zones to be monitored
  • Conception and planning of protection of danger zones
  • Assembly and installation of the laser scanner PSENscan
  • Configuration with the PSENscan Configurator
  • Commissioning a simple application
  • Conducting regular checks on the laser scanner PSENscan

Target groups

  • Electricians
  • Maintenance engineers
  • Commissioning engineers
  • Design engineers
  • Programmers
  • System integrator

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