Retrofit in a flash

The “Götterflug” at Belantis has been a popular attraction for many years. In order to make it state of the art, both in terms of flight experience and rider safety, the amusement park decided to modernise the existing automation solution, including the wireless link on the flying carousel. The aim and central requirement for Belantis was to find an economical retrofit solution that could be implemented quickly, so that riders would be without the attraction for the shortest time possible. The retrofit for the Götterflug – the full system integration from hardware planning to visualisation and commissioning – was undertaken by Pilz. A complete automation solution, including the innovative wireless link to the automation system PSS 4000, provides a safe flight experience without restrictions. 

“Behind the scenes” upgrade

The automation system's PSSuniversal PLC controller, in conjunction with the decentralised I/O system PSSuniversal, takes full control of the flight carousel on the Götterflug – from closing and locking the bars on the seats through to rotating the tower and monitoring the end positions of the extension arms. Coded safety switches PSENcode also manage the return of the extension arms to their start position. PSS 4000 not only monitors all the sensors and the resulting behaviour of the actuators, but also provides constant information to the operator and visualisation terminal PMIvisu v8. The real-time Ethernet SafetyNET p, in conjunction with the real-time-capable wireless system EchoRing, guarantees the smooth wireless transfer of all data between the tower and extension arms. All the renovation work took place “behind the scenes”, unnoticed by park visitors: there were practically no major operational restrictions.

Benefits at a glance

  • Fast, economical retrofit as some existing components can be re-used
  • Safe, wireless transmission of all data through the real-time Ethernet SafetyNET p and real-time-capable wireless system EchoRing
  • Full system integration: one-stop hardware planning, visualisation and commissioning

Customer statement

“We are extremely happy that there were hardly any restrictions for our visitors and the installation continues to run safely and reliably”

Michael Heese, Head of Technology at Belantis


With 50 permanent staff and up to 700 seasonal and freelance workers, central Germany's largest amusement park opened its doors in 2003, on the 27 hectare site of the former open cast lignite mine in Zwenkau. Before the gates of Leipzig, visitors to the amusement park - part of EVENT PARK GmbH - have access to eight themed worlds with over 60 attractions and shows, along with various gastronomic offers. These include several roller coasters and water rides, as well as various themed rides, a pirate ship ride, a maze and various fairground rides, a log flume ride, several more fairground rides and imaginative play areas. 

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