Comprehensive accessories for your safety light curtains

Safe and versatile

The safety light curtains PSENopt and PSENopt II are ideal for all areas of industry in which a barrier-free safety concept is to be implemented. A comprehensive range of accessories is available, for optimum integration into your application: from post protectors for shock, collision and vibration protection to deviating mirrors for multi-sided safeguarding, through to complete muting sets. Furthermore, you'll find a selection of cables, connectors and adapters under Connection technology.

We can also provide support for machinery safety and automation with our Services. Benefit from an extensive portfolio, which includes consulting, engineering and training.

Benefits to you

  • Comprehensive and helpful accessories
  • Optimum integration into your plant
  • Fast, simple installation
  • Universal safety concept

Connection technology: Cables and plug-in connectors

In our comprehensive range of cables and plug-in connectors you'll find, cables, connectors and adapters in a variety of materials and lengths. Select the product that matches your application - there's a wide range to choose from!

Accessories for a wide-range of application areas

Product picture, PSENopt II

Mirror columns for multi-sided safeguarding of danger points

Combine your safety light curtains with the PSENopt II mirror columns, to safeguard multiple sides of a danger zone. You can monitor up to three access sides with just one pair of light curtains and two mirror columns. You save wiring work, space and costs. The mirror columns are comprised of a post protector and an integrated mirror and can be used with all our light curtain sensors PSENopt and PSENopt II.

The PSENopt II adjustable base unit is an optional accessory offering additional protection against strong mechanical impact. It is also ideal for installing the mirror columns on uneven surfaces.

Post protectors to protect against damage

Post protectors provide optimum protection for your safety light curtains, against damage due to collisions for example. The post protectors can also be used for a free-standing installation of the safety light curtains.

For simple assembly on uneven surfaces, the post protectors can be used in conjunction with the PSENopt II adjustable base unit.

PSENopt II lockout
Application picture, PSENopt II safety light curtain

PSENopt II lockout to prevent restart

With our accessory PSENopt II lockout, you can prevent the machine from restarting. This is necessary, for example, when carrying out maintenance work within the danger zone. PSENopt II lockout consists of an assembly unit that is attached to the side of the safety light curtain like a swivel arm. If the danger zone is accessed, the swivel arm can be folded out in front of the safety light curtain’s field of vision and fitted with a lock. The light curtain's field of vision is no longer clear, so a restart is prevented.

By comparison: previously, a restart could only be prevented by using additional safety sensors in the danger zone or via a visual inspection, in other words by looking into the danger zone. With PSENopt II lockout you have a safe solution without the extra costs of additional safety sensors.

Integrated coding on all PSENopt II safety light curtains

There are no limits to the physical arrangement of the safety light curtains. Thanks to coding, the light curtain sensors no longer interfere with one another, even with close physical proximity. This is particularly important if the transmitter on the first light curtain pair emits beams in the direction of the receiver on the second light curtain pair.

In this case, simply configure the light curtain pairs with different beam codes! The following are available: "Code A", "Code B" and "uncoded". The coding is integrated into all PSENopt II safety light curtains.

Continuous production with muting

Production with muting

When combined with the safe small controller PNOZmulti 2, safety light curtains PSENopt II offer the muting safety function. This enables material to be transported in and out of danger zones while production is running, thus ensuring a smooth production process, without unnecessary downtimes. The additional muting arms simplify integration and assembly considerably. Assembly directly on to the safety light curtains saves space and avoids additional installations. You can assemble the necessary sensors along the muting arms in any position – depending on the required application. Pre-assembled sets for muting integration are available for both PSENopt II and PSENopt. PSENopt Advanced already contains the muting function; it is integrated within the safety light curtain.

Simple configuration of your safety light curtain PSENopt Advanced

The PSENopt Configurator simplifies commissioning and operation of the safety light curtains PSENopt Advanced. All individual beams are visible in the software, so you can implement the whole configuration for your safety light curtain in one tool.

Functions such as muting, blanking or cascading can be configured quickly and easily.

Safety light curtain, PSENopt Advanced

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