17 Oct 2023

New safety locking device PSENmlock mini

Strong guard locking. Small and simple to install.

The new safety locking device PSENmlock mini for personnel protection expands Pilz’s portfolio of safety switches with guard locking. With its compact design of just 30x30x159 mm, PSENmlock mini is ideal for space-critical applications, such as flaps or covers for example. This small safety locking device has a holding force FZH of 1950 N (F1max: 3900 N), providing safe guard locking for personnel protection applications up to PL d, Category 3 (EN ISO 13849-1).

  • Fast and flexible attachment

It can be installed inside or outside the safeguard – to suit your application. Also, the actuator offers a high level of flexibility, as it can be attached from the right, left and front. So swing gates and sliding gates can also be easily safeguarded. 

  • High level of safety

The dual-channel operation of the solenoid and the bistable guard locking principle provide a guarantee in the event of a power failure: The last state is maintained and the gate is closed. You also benefit from reduced energy consumption. The self-monitoring OSSD outputs enable faults in the wiring to be detected and immediately switch the machine to a safe state in the event of a fault.

  • High degree of manipulation protection

The coding is freely selectable – coded, fully coded or uniquely coded. An auxiliary release is integrated on two sides. What’s more, PSENmlock mini can also be connected in series up to PL d, Cat. 3, minimising wiring and simplifying commissioning. 

In combination with the control unit PITgatebox with integrated access permission system PITreader, the intelligent diagnostic system SDD and the safe small controller PNOZmulti 2, the result is a complete, economical and reliable solution for safeguarding your safety gates. 

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Significant space-saving: 60% smaller than the PSENmlock 
  • Strong holding force FZH up to 1950 N (F1max: 3900 N)
  • Simple installation with just two screws
  • Flexible actuator can be installed inside and outside the safeguard and can be attached from the right, left and front
  • High level of safety due to dual-channel operation of the solenoid
  • Bistable guard locking principle ensures safe operation even in the event of a power failure and reduces energy consumption 
  • High degree of manipulation protection in accordance with EN ISO 14119; coding freely selectable
  • Safe series connection up to PL d, Cat. 3 can be implemented quickly and simply
  • Optimum economy of the RFID safety switch with protection type IP67
  • Ideal for use in the packaging, pharmaceutical and food and beverage sector, as well as the machine tool industry

Discover more at the SPS exhibition in Nuremberg

Want to find out more? Then come to the SPS exhibition and experience the new PSENmlock mini directly in use. In our presentation “Safety locking devices for process and personnel protection – How do I find the right solution for my safety gate?” you will also obtain important information and tips on the correct application of safety locking devices.

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