12 Oct 2021

The new safety relay myPNOZ

Would you like maximum safety for your plant, but shy away from a complex safety solution? Then you should get to know our new safety relay myPNOZ. We answer the most frequently asked questions about the new product.

The new safety relay myPNOZ enables up to 8 independent safety zones to be monitored. These don't even need programming. You create them in no time using the online tool myPNOZ Creator. Want the machine to shut down quickly and reliably in an emergency? No problem: A global safety function is integrated into the head module of the myPNOZ. This affects all safety zones in an emergency and brings the machine safely to a stop. As a result, your staff and colleagues are always safe.

  • The myPNOZ offers a global safety function via the head module as well as monitoring additional safety zones. What exactly does that mean?

The myPNOZ can monitor up to 8 different zones of a machine independently. As a result, individual areas of the machine can be stopped while others continue running. Also, the global safety function affects all zones of a machine – this enables the entire machine to be shut down, with an emergency stop for example.

  • Which safety functions can be covered with the myPNOZ?

Safety functions such as emergency stop, safety gates, light curtains, Type IIIA/C two-hand pushbuttons and enabling switches can be monitored. #myPNOZ is suitable for small to medium-sized applications of low to medium complexity for monitoring from 2 to 16 safe input functions.

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The new safety relay myPNOZ

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