12 Jan 2021

Soar with the spirit of safety!

When it comes to machinery automation, safety is often overlooked. At Pilz, we automate. Safely.

Why safety?

Safety’ refers to the functional safety of machines, or in other words: protecting people and the environment from threats that may emanate from machines. Many accidents and their consequential costs can be avoided if targeted safety functions are considered and implemented right from the start. Production costs from material damage, damage to tools and machinery or production delays due to safety incidents can all be avoided.  

Furthermore, the desire for safety is a basic human need. A safe workplace environment allows for employees to have a peace of mind and be more productive. Processes and workflows can therefore be more effective. The implementation of safe technology in the automation processes also facilitate troubleshooting when the systems are down. All these contribute to long-lasting effects on the success of your organization.

Future of Safe Automation

As automation processes and manufacturing are moving towards industrie 4.0 and beyond, incorporating safe technology can open the doors to future possibilities. As the complexity of tasks increases, digitalization and exchange of data is crucial in production process. There is a demand for Human and Robot Collaboration (HRC), where robot systems perform physically strenuous or monotonous tasks while humans manage sophisticated tasks.

Pilz is part of shaping the future of robotics and is committed to the integration of service and industrial robotics. In this dynamic environment, Pilz has not only created service robotics modules but also a modular system, that allows users to have the flexibility to assemble their own robotic applications. With emphasis on automation and safety, Pilz creates efficient solutions for the factory of the future.

Your Ambassador for safety

Pilz is a technology leader in safe automation technology. As “ambassadors for safety” for human, machine and the environment, we offer automation solutions throughout the world that are comprehensive and safe. Pilz provides a myriad range of services in various industries to meet your requirements. Services include Risk Assessment (ISO 12100), Safety Design (ISO 13849) and CE Marking.

In addition, Pilz conducts trainings with four different levels:- Introductory, Fundamental, Advanced and Expert level. The Certified Machinery Safety Expert (CMSE©) course is a collaboration between Pilz and TÜV NORD, an international certification body. This course enables participants to have a 360° approach to machinery safety.

With our expertise and passion in safety, let us be your ambassadors for safety today!


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