24 Jun 2020

Time-saving engineering thanks to Pilz product macros in the EPLAN data portal

With immediate effect, our product macros are now in the EPLAN data portal. You can now access a total of 1,700 Pilz macros directly from the EPLAN tool. You’ll find EPLAN macros for products from the areas of sensor, control and drive technology. That means the data is not just available via our website but also via the EPLAN data portal.

You’ll find our product macros in the EPLAN data portal via the Pilz item number. In each window macro there are several types of device display available for our control systems. For example you can choose between a block view and an exploded view. In exploded view you choose the relevant inputs and outputs via the value set. The PLC overview provides an optimum overview of your circuit diagram. We have stored photos of our components to help you choose the right product macro.

Our macros are available in both German and English. We have inserted hidden help texts on more complex products. Macros for the layout of control cabinets complete our offering.

Creating a circuit diagram of our devices will never have been so simple. Why not start right now!

Direct to the EPLAN data portal

Pilz product macros in the EPLAN data portal

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