30 Aug 2019

Pilz PSIRT contact for security problems

As a specialist for safety, we invest not only in functional safety but also in IT security for plant and machinery. We take the data security of our products and solutions very seriously. The best safety controller is worthless if it has security gaps that can be exploited by hackers. As hackers continually think of new methods of circumventing security measures it is important to continually develop these measures.

Product Security Incidence Response Team

The Pilz PSIRT (Product Security Incidence Response Team) analyses and assesses weaknesses and creates security advisories where necessary, which are available to download here. A security advisory provides information about an existing security gap in one of our products and provides guidance on possible countermeasures.

Report security gaps

The Pilz PSIRT accepts any messages about potential weaknesses or other security incidents in connection with our products. Please report any security problems with our products and solutions by sending an E-Mail encrypted with the PGP key to: security@pilz.com

More information about Pilz PSIRT and the Security Advisories can be found here:


Security Advisories


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