16 Aug 2019

7 rules for greater security in the workplace

The more a company is involved in security as a topic, the higher the overall protection. The best firewall is useless if employees ignore security measures in the workplace. We will name 7 rules you should respect in the workplace.

  1. USB sticks may be infected:
    Avoid using USB sticks and SD cards because they circumvent the virus filters in the firewall and on the E-Mail server. Do not use USB sticks from an unknown source!
  2. Do not release confidential information:
    Do not release confidential information via E-mail or telephone. Remember that unencrypted E-mails are like postcards: once you send them, everyone can read them.
  3. Tidy desk. Tidy monitor:
    Lock your computer when you leave your workplace. When away for an extended length of time, lock away your notes and notepads.
  4. A weak password is not a password:
    find a strong password. Strong passwords have at least 8 digits and contain upper and lower case characters as well as numbers and special characters. Passwords that include a partner’s name, family birthdays or birthplaces can easily be cracked.
  5. Wi-Fi hotspots without password are suspect:
    do not use freely accessible Wi-Fi hotspots, for example at airports or railway stations. They can be real virus distributors.
  6. A logged-in but inactive user attracts malware:
    when you are away from your computer for over an hour, always log out “correctly” from the system. Use the option to "log out" or "shut down", not just to "lock computer". The longer a user account remains logged in but unsupervised, the more damage can be caused by malware (ransomware).
  7. Every device requires a PIN or a password:
    Set up your devices so that they lock automatically when inactive and can only be unlocked with a secure password.

Find out more about how to implement security in your company in our new Industrial Security area.

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