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CECE - Certified Experts in CE Marking have obtained the knowledge and technical understanding of the practical aspects of performing CE marking for compliance with relevant legislation and standards. Holders of the certification are required to attend recertification training every 4 years. This course, CECE - Recertification, offers these experts the opportunity to enhance their knowledge by updating them on changes to legislation since their certification as a CECE and to thereby maintain their CECE status.

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  • Overview of European legislation
  • Transition - Machinery Directive to Machinery Regulation
  • Economic operators
  • Presumption of Conformity
  • Essential health and safety requirements


Trainer suggestions, brief presentations, group and solitary exercises, case examples, practical exercises, discussions, experience sharing

Target group

Previously certified CECE - Certified Expert in CE Marking


Each CECE renewing their certificate must do so within the required timeframe of four years after receiving initial certification. After taking part in the 4-hour training, you will receive a TÜV NORD certificate that confirms your certification as a CECE for another four years.

Benefits to you

  • Extend your internationally recognised certificate by another four years
  • Ensure you are updated with the latest developments in the area of CE marking of machinery

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