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PUWER Inspection

Keeping your Machinery and Work Equipment Safe with a PUWER Inspection

PUWER Inspection

The provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations place duties on employers or the self-employed to ensure that equipment and machinery supplied for use at work is;
Suitable for the intended use, safe for use, used by people that have adequate training, is used in accordance with specific requirements and is accompanied by suitable health and safety measures such as protective devices and controls.

Pilz – Your partner for PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations) Inspections

Our staff has deep technical knowledge of not only PUWER but of other relevant machinery safety directives, regulations and standards that accompany PUWER for a comprehensive inspection of your machinery and work equipment. We work in partnership with you to identify any potential non- conformances/hazards and provide a suggested risk reduction method to help you achieve compliance and a safe working environment.

As part of the PUWER Inspection Pilz will

  • Inspect your machinery & work equipment against PUWER
  • Conduct a risk estimation & evaluation for any non conformances found as specified in the standard EN ISO 12100:2010
  • Provide a risk reduction method for each non conformance
  • Produce a detailed, bookmarked PDF report of the inspection findings including the inspectors notes and  a high level  summary
  • An Excel file containing your inspection data

Your Benefit in Carrying out a Pilz PUWER Inspection

  • Determine if your machinery and equipment provided for use at work is PUWER compliant
  • We will suggest appropriate measures to take to ensure that these risks are eliminated or controlled as far as reasonably practicable
  • Protect your work force & organisation
  • Trust Pilz as an accredited inspection body for machinery

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