PSENscan Tools

Simple configuration of your safety laser scanner PSENscan

PSENscan Configurator with laptop

With PSENscan Configurator, you can quickly and easily set all the important parameters for the operation of your safety laser scanner PSENscan on the PC.

For simple on-site configuration you can create a live image of the environment using PSENscan Configurator. Show this environment image in Configurator and set your zone configuration accordingly.

PSENscan Configurator also supports you by displaying scanner and I/O status during diagnostics.

Benefits of PSENscan Configurator

  • Simple on-site configuration by recording an image of the environment
  • Intuitive I/O configuration by recording via wire colour
  • Simple diagnostics by displaying the scanner and I/O status
  • Simple configuration and diagnostics by monitoring (live image)
  • Intuitive operator guidance when creating new configurations
Live image PSENscan Configurator

PSENscan Configurator can be used in a wide range of industries

Simple configuration of your safety laser scanner PSENscan


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