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Configuration of your light beam devices PSENopt Advanced

PSENopt Tools

The software tool PSENopt Configurator makes it considerably easier to install and manage the light beam devices PSENopt Advanced: All individual beams are visible in the software. As a result you can undertake the whole configuration of your light beam devices in one tool – from alignment through to functions such as muting, blanking and cascading.

The PSENopt Configurator also provides fast diagnostics. An interrupted light beam device can immediately be located. This guarantees few downtimes and high availability for your machine.

Easy installation and handling – Benefits of the PSENopt Configurator

  • Simple, economical installation and operation – thanks to the visibility of single beams
  • Muting, blanking and cascading are child's play to implement
  • New objects can be taught and retaught very quickly
  • Configurations created offline can be transferred to other machines without any additional effort via the programming adapter
  • Step-by-step menu guidance and early fault detection
  • Greater flexibility when installing the light beam devices
  • Rapid fault diagnostics reduce downtimes and increase plant availability
Simple installation and management

Features of PSENopt Configurator

Features of PSENopt Configurator
  • Realisation of the entire configuration: alignment of light grids as well as muting, blanking and cascading
  • Software configuration can be created offline with the programming adapter (PSEN opt Advanced Programming Adapter, item number: 631070) – and transferred to other machines via adapter
  • If there are several light beam devices installed, each light beam device can be assigned a separate code

Application of PSENopt Configurator

The PSENopt Configurator is used to install and manage the light beam devices PSENopt Advanced. It enables the entire configuration to be realised: from alignment of the light beam devices through to functions such as muting, blanking and cascading. It can also be used for swift diagnostics via live representation of the individual beams.

Application of PSENopt Configurator

PSENopt Configurator can be used in a wide range of industries


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