Photoelectric sensors

Reliable object recognition with photoelectric sensors

photoelectric sensor

Photoelectric proximity sensors detect an object by emitting light beams, which are reflected by the material. In this way, reliable object detection can also be guaranteed for shiny or reflective objects. The sensors do not fulfil a safety function. However, they do emit a switching signal, which is evaluated by safe control technology from Pilz, such as the small controller PNOZmulti 2 or the modular safety relay myPNOZ.

For example, photoelectric proximity sensors are used in solutions for packaging machines for safe monitoring of cardboard feed. The solution is TÜV-SÜD-certified for PL d / SIL 2.

Benefits of photoelectric sensors

Benefits of photoelectric sensors
  • TÜV-SÜD-certified solution for PL d / Cat. 3 of EN ISO 13849-1 or SIL 2 of EN IEC 62061: Certified solution saves time and costs
  • Higher level of personnel safety: minimised accident risk through the use of safe control technology in conjunction with photoelectric proximity sensors
  • Use of diffuse sensors with background suppression saves costs: no expensive, mechanical devices required.
  • Easy to integrate into existing applications; retrofit possible due to the use of a defined component set and corresponding solution description
  • High reliability for detecting different packaging materials, e.g. shiny or reflective objects
  • Sensors are flexible to assemble, to the side or above the carton magazine

Features of photoelectric sensor

  • Safe small controller PNOZmulti 2 - all base units in the PNOZmulti 2 product range can be used - OR
  • Modular safety relays with the type code
    • myPNOZ.91.CKA360AB000XB700 (with semiconductor outputs) OR
    • myPNOZ.03.CKA360AB000XD700 (with relay outputs) AND
  • 2 photoelectric proximity sensorrs O300.GP.2-11246332 per cardboard feed/carton magazine
  • Sensors have short response times
  • Point beam shape
  • Background suppression
  • Sensing range 30 … 100 mm
  • Connector M8 4-pin
Features of diffuse sensor with background suppression


Solution with safe small controllers PNOZmuti 2 + two photoelectric sensors per infeed device

Example application

Solution with modular safety relay myPNOZ + two photoelectric sensors per infeed device

Example application

The way to a safe, productive application:

With the PL d / SIL 2 TÜV-SÜD-certified Pilz solution, comprising small controllers PNOZmulti 2 or safety relays myPNOZ in conjunction with two photoelectric proximity sensors, you can increase the safety and productivity of your packaging machines!

This application can be found in the cardboard feed area, on carton erectors for example, where folded carton material is erected to form cartons in the machine. The cartons are fed in via a carton magazine. Moving parts on the machine present a danger to operators, because they could reach into the machine through the empty material feed opening and might be injured in the process. In normative terms, the carton operates as a guard. While there are sufficient cartons in the magazine, the cartons will cover the opening and it is impossible to reach into the danger zone while the machine is running.

The solution is intended to prevent an operator from reaching through the empty material feed opening into the machine and being injured

Example solution

While there are sufficient cartons in the infeed magazine, it is impossible to reach into the danger zone and injure yourself on the machine

Example solution

If the number of cartons in the magazine falls below a minimum amount, the outputs on the safety controller switch off the machine

Example solution

Safe access to cardboard feed:

The opening for the cardboard feed must be monitored. Photoelectric sensors detect whether there is sufficient packaging material in the magazine. If the number of cartons in the magazine reaches or falls below a defined number, the outputs on the safety controller switch off the machine. The machine remains in stop until a sufficient number of cartons have been replenished and production can restart.

Two diffuse sensors with background suppression are needed per infeed device. These can be installed either to the side of the infeed magazine or above it.

Further information

All information about safeguarding packaging machines can be found here:

Our product range: photoelectric sensors

Photoelectric sensors

With photoelectric proximity sensors, reliable object recognition is also guaranteed for ultra-black, shiny or reflective objects.

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