Software platform PAS4000 now with API interface

This genuinely makes life easier for users who configure control projects based on automated processes outside of PAS4000.

In the automation system PSS 4000, the software platform PAS4000 can be used to configure and program the control systems PSSuniversal PLC and PSSuniversal multi with ease using the graphics Program Editor PASmulti or the programming languages IL, STL and LD in accordance with EN/IEC 61131-3.

API enables external application programs to be connected to PAS4000

Within PAS4000 Pilz now offers an interface for external application programming (API - application programming interface). This genuinely makes life easier for users who configure control projects based on automated processes, e.g. in Excel. For example, with the help of the API, Excel can automatically generate a control code for PAS4000. This can save time during the engineering process, particularly where it's necessary to build a number of similar projects. Predefined functions can be transferred to the interface quickly and efficiently; they can then be incorporated into the control project without the need to enter anything manually via an Editor.
Numerous actions possible via the API

With the API it is possible to create projects, program blocks with a library call, configure hardware and map process and system variables (internal and external). It is also possible to create and configure IP connections. The other steps needed to complete a project, such as building, downloading to the control system, licensing and testing the functions, are carried out as usual in PAS4000.

As the automation system PSS 4000 can implement automation as well as safety projects, with the API it is also possible to create safety functions efficiently.
Further information in the online help for PAS4000

To find out which actions are possible with the API and which commands are required, users can refer to the online help for the software platform PAS4000, under "API for PAS4000".

Further information:

Software PAS4000

Automatisierungssystem PSS 4000

Software platform PAS4000 now with API interface

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