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Technologies in transition and ever more efficient production and automation concepts demand intelligent safety solutions in the field of machinery safety. Increasingly complex products and changes in the standards' and legal world require the ongoing transfer of knowledge. Regulation upon regulation – but what's important for the Safety and Security of plant and machinery? Which regulations, directives, standards apply? Most countries around the world have binding regulations for ensuring compliance with machinery safety requirements. These range from mandatory laws to recommendations of a more non-binding nature. Gain an overview.



Safety Compendium - the standard reference for functional safety

The Safety Compendium offers orientation when handling standards and directives. It is aimed at all those in mechanical and plant engineering who deal with the issue of functional safety and its associated aspects. The Safety Compendium is in its 5th edition.

Find information on:

  • Product liability including the Product Liability Act
  • Standards, directives and laws
    - incl. CE marking,
    - normative specifications for the use of industrial robots,
    - safe human-robot collaboration (HRC)
    - and safe programming in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1
  • Protective devices according to the Machinery Directive and corresponding standards
  • Safe control technology and safety in Industrie 4.0, safe communication, safe motion control
  • Mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic design

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