Safe lift, up hill and down dale

Outdoor lift for all locations

The self-propelled cabin lift from the Thuringia-based company L-TEC GmbH is a new type of transport system used all over the world: the outdoor lift also overcomes difficult terrain without problem, where properties are situated on slopes or on tourist attractions, for example. However, as an automated machine used to transport passengers, the safety requirements are stringent and vary depending on the target country. That’s why L-TEC got Pilz on board: whether there are country-specific requirements, comparable worldwide automation and safety standards, and relevant one-stop safety components plus accompanying services on top – PNOZmulti is at the heart of the safety solution; right from the start it ensures a hazard-free journey in the mini mountain railways from L-TEC.

Central safety management always on board

The self-propelled lift transports up to 14 people and is nature-friendly, adapting to the existing landscape. What's special about it: Hydraulic levelling ensures that the cabin floor is always maintained in a horizontal position during the journey; the outdoor lift can deal with gradients of up to 45 degrees and can serve an almost unlimited number of stations. For this reason the lift must meet a wide range of safety criteria – for the brake system, speed control and also the closing process for the automatic doors. In order to reliably guarantee all these safety requirements, the cabin uses a set of Pilz safety components to monitor emergency stop, door, position, standstill and end positions, as well as the switching of operating modes. The drive, controller and all associated components are on board the cabin, including PNOZmulti: the safe small controller is globally tried and tested and is responsible for central safety management – also in Malaysia.

Benefits at a glance

  • PNOZmulti: Flexible, transferable safety architecture for project-specific application
  • Simple handling thanks to PNOZmulti Configurator
  • One-stop expertise and advice for “safe lifts” for worldwide use

Customer statement

Regardless of the country we are supplying and how many stops are en route: with PNOZmulti and its flexible, modular and transferable design, the basic safety architecture is already present. A project-specific application can be implemented quickly and easily, so that the outdoor lift is ready for operation in the shortest time possible.

Frank Scholz, Managing Director of L-TEC

About L-TEC

L-TEC GmbH is based in the Thuringian town of Weira and is an expert in the field of outdoor lifts. The portfolio of lift systems includes cabin types for between 4 to 14 people. The scalable transport solution can be used in the most varied applications for barrier-free access, even in difficult terrain. The Managing Director and creator of the concept, Frank Scholz, developed the first prototypes in 2009. Today, L-TEC lifts markets its products throughout Germany, Europe and Asia.


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