Safe radar sensor PSENradar

Safe protection zone monitoring in rugged conditions

Safe radar sensor PSENradar

The safe radar sensor PSENradar, in conjunction with the configurable small controller PNOZmulti 2, offers a safe, complete solution for protection zone monitoring – including conformity assessment for the plant or machine.

Safe radar sensors are used where optoelectronic sensors reach their limits: rugged environments, such as outdoors or in material processing for example, can be monitored safely using PSENradar. That's because radar technology (FMCW: frequency modulated continuous wave) ensures high availability even where there are external influences such as dust, dirt, rain, light, sparks or vibrations.

The underlying volumetric monitoring with a frequency of 24 - 24.25 GHz can be used up to SIL 2, PL d and Category 3, which is often a requirement in robot applications. The complete solution also has additional interfaces, such as Ethernet and Profisafe, so making it easy to use the safety radar sensor in retrofit applications.

Complete radar solution with conformity assessment

Do you need a complete radar sensor solution, including acceptance for the whole machine? We offer a complete, one-stop service solution for protection zone monitoring, from risk assessment and system implementation through to conformity assessment.

Used in conjunction with the configurable safe small controller PNOZmulti 2 and the PSENradar, the result is a safe, economical and comprehensive complete solution for rugged environments.

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PSENradar with small controller PNOZmulti 2

Simple configuration with the PSENradar Configurator

PSENradar Configurator

For rapid commissioning, the sensors are selected and configured simply via the appropriate Configurator. Depending on the application, the safe radar sensor solution includes up to six radar sensors, one control unit and the configurable, safe small controller PNOZmulti 2.

The appropriate protection zone can be defined for each sensor, based on the size of the area to be monitored. This depends on the positioning, installation height and inclination of the sensor. A warning zone can also be configured in addition to the protection zone. If a person violates the warning zone, this may be signalled by an optical signal, for example. This way, productivity of the plant can always be kept at a high level.

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Benefits of the safe radar sensor PSENradar

  • Insensitive to dust, dirt, rain, light, sparks, steam and vibrations
  • High category Cat. 3 / PL d enables robotics applications to be safeguarded
  • High flexibility thanks to optimised sensor alignment and individual protection zone configuration
  • Safe complete solution with small controller PNOZmulti 2; open to retrofit applications thanks to additional interfaces
  • Rear access protection to prevent the machine restarting when there are people in the danger zone

Features of the safe radar sensor PSENradar

Sensor PSENrd 1.1

Sensor PSENrd 1.1

  • Opening angle: 110° horizontal, 30° vertical (wide) or horizontal 50°, vertical 15° (narrow)
  • Range: 4 m
  • Frequency: 24 GHz
  • Reaction time: max. 100 ms
  • Protection type: IP67
  • Can be used in applications up to SIL 2 (IEC 61508), PL d (EN ISO 13849-1), Category 3 when 2 sensors are used
Sensor PSENrd 1.1

Sensor PSENrd 1.2

  • Opening angle: 20-100° horizontal, 20° vertical, configurable in 10° increments
  • Range: 5 m
  • Frequency: 60 GHz
  • Reaction time: max. 100 ms
  • Protection type: IP67
  • Can be used in applications up to SIL 2 (IEC 61508), PL d (EN ISO 13849-1), Category 3
Sensor PSENrd 1.2

Analysing unit with USB or Ethernet/PROFIsafe interface

  • Connection type: USB (PSEN rd1.x I/O analysing unit) or Ethernet/PROFIsafe (PSEN rd1.x I/O PN analysing unit)
  • Series connection: up to 6 sensors
  • Zone sets: up to 32
  • OSSD outputs: up to 4
  • Protection type: IP 20
  • FMCW: frequency modulated continuous wave
PSEN rd1.x I/O PN analysing unit

Applications with PSENradar

Radar sensors are used in a wide range of industries, particularly where optoelectronic sensors reach their limits. A prerequisite for their use is an overall assessment of the machine, which we are happy to help with.

Safety-related functions covered by the safe radar system PSENradar include danger zone monitoring and rear access protection. While danger zone monitoring brings the machine to a safe state as soon as someone enters, for example, rear access protection prevents the machine restarting automatically if there are people still in the danger zone, in a maintenance situation for example. You’ll find some application examples below.

The radar sensors have a self-teaching background function, so, for example, material waste can be deposited without violating the protection zone and bringing the machine to a stop. That guarantees higher productivity.

Application radar sensor PSENradar

New: Safe protection zone monitoring of robotics applications

For safe protection zone monitoring of robotics applications, particularly in rugged environments, another sensor is now available for the safe radar system PSENradar: PSEN rd1.2 with the equally new analysing unit PSEN rd1.0 I/O PS ETH , which covers Category 3 / PL d. So, in conjunction with the modular safety relay myPNOZ, you have a safe, complete solution for safeguarding robotics applications.

Example applications


Rear access protection in metalworking

The safe radar sensor is typically used in heavy industry, where, for example, welding sparks, swarf, dust, bright light and vibrations prevail.

Whenever a robot cell is safeguarded, it is absolutely essential that rear access protection and a safe restart are guaranteed. PSENradar is not active while the robots are in operation.


Safe woodworking thanks to protection zone monitoring

When woodworking, including when sawing, it is often impossible to use optoelectronic sensors due to dust and flying swarf.

In this case, safe protection zone monitoring, comprising PSENradar and PNOZmulti 2, represents the optimum solution for detecting people inside the danger zone. Various applications can be safeguarded simply thanks to individually designed protection zones.


Using radar sensors to safeguard outdoor applications

Particularly outside, protection zones can be monitored safely thanks to radar sensors, on a gantry crane or on lifting devices for example. High temperature differences are at play here, as well as humidity due to rain, snow or fog.

If gantry cranes move in a certain direction, the radar sensors are used to ensure that nobody is present in this area.

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Assemble your safe radar sensor PSENradar yourself, with up to 6 sensors per control unit.

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