Web-based training: Machinery Safety – Introduction and Practical Implementation

For self-study, where and when you require it or as a teaching aid in internal training and advancement: With our web-based training (WBT) you can learn and develop interactively. An approach that enhances your motivation to learn. And you always remain fully informed of the state of the art. The big advantage of WBT is that you can complete all the courses without any prior knowledge. And you can define your individual learning pace.

All the modules within the WBT involve practical exercises and subsequent solutions, so that you can check your progress.

You can choose between an online or a workstation licence:

  • Online licence: Data is provided via our server for online use and you can log in easily with your login data.
  • Workstation licence: Data is provided for local download. This way, the WBT can also be incorporated into your existing learning platform.


  • Introduction to Machinery Safety
    • Motivation for safety and why we
    • need safety technology
    • CE marking
    • Standards and directives
    • Risk assessment
  • Risk reduction
    • Safeguards
    • Functional safety
  • All the steps are explained using the application example
  • of a real machine
  • Practical section
    • Application examples (wiring with EPLAN)

Target groups

  • Mechatronic engineers
  • Electronics engineers in automation
  • Trainee technicians
  • Trainers
  • Standards officers
  • Design engineers
  • Safety officers


Demo version of our web-based training, which covers safety technology.

Convince yourself with the demo version of our web-based training, which covers safety technology. Pilz WBT is aimed primarily at trainees (mechatronic engineers and device/systems engineers), aspiring engineers and trainers.

We recommend that you use the web browser Mozilla Firefox.

We recommend that you undertake the WBT over two to three days to review what you have learned.

3.5 Hours
We recommend that you repeat the WBT over two to three days to review what you have learned.
Max. number of participants
Costs per participant
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Telephone: +64 9 6345350
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