Brexit - Effects on machine safety

United Kingdom has left the European Union

After 47 years of membership, the United Kingdom has left the European Union. The United Kingdom has left the European Union on 1. February 2020. There is a transitional period until the end of 2020. However, after the 31. December 2020 there will be far-reaching changes - regardless of the outcome of the ongoing negotiations. Here you find an overview of information offers on machinery safety.

Brexit – regulations from 01.01.2021

The regulation currently provides that until 1. January 2023 the CE marking and the EU conformity assessment may be used under specific circumstances, when you place machines or machine components on the UK market.

A national British conformity assessment procedure will be established. A new conformity mark will be introduced – the “United Kingdom Conformity Assessment – UKCA”. The new procedure will refer to national UK law and not any longer to EU directives. If any changes to EU law should take effect during the transitional period, the UKCA sign will become compulsory during the transitional period.

After 1. January 2023, only the UKCA mark will be accepted. Until 1. January 2024, for most products you can attach the UKCA marking on a label that is affixed to the product or on an accompanying document. After that, you may only affix it directly to the product.


Brexit – the latest regulations at a glance!


Since the beginning of 2021, Brexit has been a reality. The biggest changes in the area of machinery safety concern the conformity assessment procedure. Read our compact flyer to find out which Brexit regulations currently apply.

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Pilz uses standardised processes for international compliance assessment. Pilz experts always work closely with the Pilz subsidiary in the target country. If necessary Pilz can act as an Authorised Representative and assist in the process of obtaining CE or UKCA marking. If you have any questions, we're here to help and advise.

The following regulations are effective for marketing goods in the United Kingdom

Goods that meet EU requirements can in most cases still be placed on the UK market until 1. January 2023.

Despite the transitional period, there are cases where the UKCA marking will be required from 1. January 2021, when the product is subject to specific legislation - including the Machinery Directive - and the product requires a conformity assessment by a third party.

If your conformity assessment was performed by a British conformity assessment body, you may no longer use the CE marking.

Placing machines on the market in the United Kingdom - with the UKCA marking - requires the British conformity assessment procedure and an Authorises Representative, for example with the help of an Authorised Representative who resides in the United Kingdom.

During the transitional period until 01.01.2023 a UKCA self-declaration is sufficient to place goods on the UK market.

United Kingdom

The following regulations are effective for the marketing CE marked goods on the EU market:

If you place finished goods from the United Kingdom on the EU market, measures have to be taken to ensure compliance with the EU requirements until 1. January 2021; there is no  transitional period.

The British Notified Bodies will lose their accreditation and the British EC/EU type examination certificates are no longer valid. You must go through the process of obtaining them again.


With Pilz you ensure that your machines are marketed in the United Kingdom!

Pilz experts support you in change processes that have to be implemented in line with Brexit in certification, CE or UKCA marking of products and machines, the marketing of machines and plants and employed machine components in the United Kingdom or Northern Ireland. We are happy to advise you on how to manage the smooth, cost efficient and safe transition.

Our experts cooperate with the Pilz subsidiary in the United Kingdom, who is anAuthorised Representative and who can support you in the process of obtaining an UKCA.

Further information:

Official web site of the British Government,, on CE marking

UKCA Government Guidance

website of the European Union

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