Reliable, remote monitoring of railways

Railway Station Zweisimmen

The railway station and signal boxes are where all the threads converge: the process must run smoothly so that trains and passengers arrive at their destination safely and on time. To guarantee this, the Swiss railway pioneer Intelis IED worked with Pilz to develop a module for the safe implementation of shunting operations, based on the automation system PSS 4000-R.

Safe rail operation via remote control

Intelis IED has specialised in the automation of control and safety tasks in rail transport and, in close collaboration with Pilz, has integrated the remote controller INIS-TC on the Montreux Oberland Bernois (MOB) railway line. The remote controller is based on the automation system PSS 4000-R and ensures safe, economical rail operation over the 75 km long stretch. At 17 stations, an integrated interface connects PSS 4000-R to the respective signal box.
The control units PSSuniversal send sensor data from axle counters to the communication server and safety controllers in real time. The new module INIS-PN supplements the safe control and monitoring solution: in the stations at Zweisimmen and Château-d‘Oex, the whole shunting operation can now be controlled remotely from the respective signal box. Dispatchers refer to their screen to see the position and status of points and signals as well as the location of locomotives and trains. They therefore have all sections of the track in their sight and travellers on the MOB arrive at their destination safely and on time!

Electronic control system

The benefits at a glance:

  • Track sections are monitored safely at all times, as dispatchers receive feedback on the status of rail traffic and signal boxes in real time
  • Trains are punctual and there is higher utilisation of the track
  • Modernisation measures on the railway line can be implemented in steps in a modular fashion

About Intelis IED

Logo IED Intelis

Intelis is an independent division of the IED Group. The company has its headquarters in Vufflens-la-Ville VD and is committed to providing comprehensive service and engineering solutions for railway safety. These include consultation, planning and implementation of system expansions, integration of the latest technologies into existing installations and turnkey project management.

The advantage of the automation system PSS 4000-R from Pilz is that modernisation measures don’t have to be implemented all at once but instead can be implemented in steps in a modular fashion. Even in combination with relay technology that is still in operation. Furthermore, all of the PSS 4000-R modules that we have deployed for tough everyday use have proven to be extremely reliable.

Roland Balimann, Technical Manager at IED Intelis

Our system in the application


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