Industrial Security with the IEC 62443 series of standards

Plant operators or device manufacturers who want to protect their employees from machine hazards and their machines from manipulation by unauthorised persons and hacker attacks should get to grips with the IEC 62443 series of standards.

This series of standards currently offers the best orientation for plant operators and device manufactures looking for suitable security solutions for industrial and production plants. It gives precise information on how to protect access to plant and machinery and protect its networks and control systems from abuse.

IEC 62443 presents the basic requirements for security and explains the measures needed to meet these requirements. It also describes the “Defence in depth” concept as a basis for protection from cyber attacks. It also shows how a security risk assessment can be used to find suitable security measures to protect oneself from various types of attacks.

The basis for the understanding of Industrial Security is that one measure alone will not lead to the desired success. Industrial Security must be designed by various parties using various measures. Manufacturers, system integrators and operators are equally important when it comes to implementing industrial security, if appropriate protection is to be achieved.

Here you can find out which parts of the standard are particularly relevant for you, and what the individual areas include in detail:

Security series of standards IEC 62443

Security standard IEC 62443

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