Safe operation of automated guided vehicles

We'll make your automated guided vehicle systems safe. In every way possible!

Where a human shares a workspace with an automated guided vehicle, i.e. a machine, there are particular requirements of the safety concepts. Human and machine must be able to operate smoothly and safely within the same environment.

We take a holistic look at your automated guided vehicle system. We get on board as early as the design phase when the system concept is developed and accompany your projects right through to commissioning. That way we ensure that safety and productivity are guaranteed when your automated guided vehicle systems are operated.

Your requirements

Comply with the specifications of ISO 3691-4

As an operator or manufacturer of automated guided vehicles or automated guided vehicle systems (multiple automated guided vehicles), you must comply with the specifications of ISO 3691-4. It defines the requirements of the safety functions and specifies how to validate the vehicles' automated functions.

ISO 3691-4 also specifies the required performance level for the vehicle monitoring functions, various operating modes and the brake controller.

Standard ISO 3691-4 for automated guided vehicle systems and autonomous mobile robots

The standard ISO 3691-4 specifies a clear procedure for achieving safety on an automated guided vehicle system, for both manufacturers and operators. It defines an automated guided vehicle system as a combination of one or more automated guided vehicles or autonomous mobile robots and the plant environment.

The 2020 publication of the standard ISO 3691-4 for automated guided vehicle systems and autonomous mobile robots was a reaction to the rapid development of new technologies in the field of automated vehicles. The ISO standard was long overdue, as its predecessor (EN 1525:1997) had been published 23 years previously. It can now be regarded as the most important international standard for automated guided vehicle systems. In Europe, ISO 3691-4 is supplemented by the standard EN 1175:2020, which refers to specific electrical aspects of self-propelled industrial trucks (including automated guided vehicle systems).

In addition to the international launch of ISO 3691-4, the USA also updated the relevant standards in 2019 and 2020: ANSI/ITSF B56.5:2019 (automated guided vehicle systems) and ANSI/RIA R15.08-1:2020 (autonomous mobile robots).

Learn more about the international standards

Our services

Safe operation of automated guided vehicles service

Do you use automated guided vehicles or vehicle systems in your production hall or in intralogistics applications? Then you need to ensure that your system is not only designed safely, but is also applied safely and above all productively, taking into account all the spatial and infrastructural conditions.

Our "Safe operation of automated guided vehicles" service offers a complete package, right through to the international conformity assessment.

Design risk assessment (DRA)

Design risk assessment (DRA)

  • Review of the risk assessment produced by the manufacturer of the automated guided vehicle (on site or remotely)
  • Check of the essential design features with regard to the use of the automated guided vehicle
  • Check for compliance with relevant standards and regulations/guarantee that the automated guided vehicle complies with legal requirements
  • This is what you receive from us:
  1. Design risk assessment (DRA) of the automated guided vehicle, based on the design drawings and your information regarding the use of the automated guided vehicles
  2. Design review report on the automated guided vehicle
  3. Listing of the necessary recommended measures to increase safety and productivity
Optional factory acceptance test at the manufacturer's (FAT)

Optional factory acceptance test at the manufacturer's (FAT)

  • Detailed analysis of the key safety functions on an automated guided vehicle
  • These are the documents you receive from us:
  1. Comprehensive report on the factory acceptance test
  2. Listing of the necessary/recommended measures to increase safety and productivity

This service is also of interest to manufacturers of automated guided vehicles. We advise you on specific safety functions for navigation, control, brakes or speed monitoring. And we supply the relevant proof of conformity for your customers.

Site acceptance test (SAT)

Site acceptance test (SAT)

  • Full risk assessment of the whole automated guided vehicle system
  • Examination of all/selected automated guided vehicles in use
  • Validation of the whole application, including an assessment of the environment
  • Advice regarding all the necessary measures for the user on site
  • These are the documents you receive from us:
  1. Risk assessment
  2. Site acceptance test report
  3. List of measures

Your benefits at a glance

  • Save time and costs with us as safety and automation partner for the whole application
  • We guarantee that your applications meet the requirements of ISO 3691-4. If necessary we confirm this in the form of a conformity assessment.
  • We check the safety of automated guided vehicle systems even at the early stages of the procurement process. That way you avoid additional costs and save time.
  • We ensure you have the optimum combination of material usage and maximum safety

The right product for your application

Safety laser scanner PSENscan

The safety laser scanner PSENscan detects objects in the vehicle's path and provides maximum safety even at high speeds, without compromising productivity. The perfect solution for use on automated guided vehicles

Thanks to the ROS (Robot Operating System) package, PSENscan also supports dynamic navigation of automated guided vehicle systems, so offering a host of opportunities in production logistics.

Safety laser scanner PSENscan

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