Oct 5, 2017

Machine: "Join me in a samba?" Pilz: "Safety guaranteed!"

The safest way to NR-12 compliant machines. Worldwide!

If you are selling machinery to Brazil as a manufacturer, you must do so in accordance with the Brazilian regulatory standard NR-12. As an operator of machinery in Brazil, you are obliged to put in place protective measures for your employees in accordance with NR-12. Our experts provide support en route to NR-12-compliant machines, opening up access to the Brazilian market to machine builders and users all over the world.

Benefits to you:

We accompany you through the conformity assessment of your machinery with regard to NR-12 – anywhere in the world! As a complete supplier we can provide support en route from risk assessment to validation and final acceptance locally in Brazil. The result: an NR-12-compliant machine, including documentation for the local authorities.

International project coordination and a local contact

With us you'll have a local contact who will coordinate your project internationally. With their extensive knowledge, our experts in Brazil will provide support and clarify the formalities for acceptance locally, for example. We'll follow a standardised procedure internationally. This is a particular benefit if you export machinery from different countries to Brazil.

Take advantage of our advanced service package for international compliance!

Further information:

Conformity assessments of machinery

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