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Training and learning systems

Pilz Education Systems (PES)

Pilz Education Systems (PES)

Pilz Education Systems PES are modular training and learning systems with modern, industrially implemented components for practical training in electrical engineering. PES consist of several safety and automation functions that are clearly arranged on a control panel.

The learning systems allow electrical engineering students to learn to program controllers or implement safety functions for machines and systems in a practically orientated way.

Optimal learning systems for knowledge transfer in the field of safe automation

The learning systems are an optimal tool for knowledge transfer to trainees, apprentices and students and maximise the practical relevance of the training. The systems are also popular for further training provided in-house.

The training and learning systems convey:

  • how the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC is correctly implemented and
  • what requirements are placed on the safety functions for plant and machinery in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13849-1.
Modular training and learning systems

Pilz Education Systems (PES) provide perfect training support for schools and universities

  • Simulation modules for practical training in many fields of mechanical engineering
  • Commissioning and configuration of safety and automation functions for machines directly applied to the system
  • Use either in the lab or in training rooms
  • Modular extension and simple exchange of individual modules
  • Included are: Exercises, technical documentation and background information (English and German)

One sensor technology module, one logic module and one actuator module from the product range listed below are required to provide a complete simulation of a machine. A variety of extension modules is available for each operating element.

Information as to which extension modules can be combined with each of the operating elements is included in the operating element information.

Our product range:


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