PES - Logik PNOZsigma control panel

Training system for professional training support: Implementation of safety circuits

Logic board PNOZsigma

The PES - Logic board PNOZsigma is part of the comprehensive module range of Pilz Education Systems (PES). These modular training systems consist of modern, industrially implemented components for practical training.

PES modules simulate the functions of machines or systems and are used for training purposes. They consist of several safety and automation functions that are clearly arranged on a Operator board.

Optimal tool for knowledge transfer in the field of safe automation

Here you can find all information regarding our training systems, their functions and the system versions available.

Pilz Education Systems (PES)

Modular training and learning systems

Learn how to implement safety circuits with the Logic board PNOZsigma

Logic board PNOZsigma

The Logic boardl facilitates practical learning of how to implement simple safety circuits with fixed configurations. The requirements of EN ISO 13849 are conveyed by a practical example. A further learning component of this module is the function of a safety relay with adjustable operating modes and times as well as rapid diagnostics.

Learning objectives for the PES - Logic board PNOZsigma

  • Implementation of simple safety circuits with fixed configuration according to EN ISO 13849

Our product range: PES - Logic board PNOZsigma

Logic board PNOZsigma

Training systems module with safety controller PNOZsigma to learn the implementation of safety circuits.

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