SSR - Safe speed range

The safe speed range (SSR) function in accordance with EN 61800-5-2 expands the safely limited speed (SLS) function to include monitoring to a minimum speed - safe speed monitoring (SSM). In other words, the maximum speed must not exceed a certain value (SLS), and the minimum speed must not drop below a certain value (SSM). Upon leaving this corridor of monitored speed (SSR) and thus breaching one of the defined limits, the drive is switched off.

The safe speed range safety function in practice

In practice, monitoring of the minimum speed allows a safety gate to be unlocked when the value falls below a defined speed, for example. Monitoring of the maximum speed, on the other hand, protects man, machine and product against injury or damage due to a defined speed being exceeded.

The safety function is also fulfilled by the speed monitor PNOZ s30!

SSR - Safe speed range

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