Movable guards

Movable guards

Movable guards are generally connected mechanically to the machine frame or to a fixed part close to the machine. The guard may be hinged or rail-mounted. They can be opened without using a tool and are only effective when they are closed.

Interlocking devices as safety solution

Movable guards may be associated with an interlocking device. When a safety gate is opened, for example, the interlocking device ensures that hazardous machine functions are stopped and an unexpected restart is reliably prevented.


Standards for movable guards

Standard Title
EN ISO 14120

Safety of machinery
Guards. General requirements for the design and construction of fixed and movable guards

EN ISO 14119

Safety of machinery - Interlocking devices associated with guards. Principles for design and selection


Protection against unexpected start-up/restart of a machine

Once a safeguard has been triggered, a machine may not be restarted automatically after the protected field has been cleared. A restart is only possible via a reset on a control device outside the danger zone, with visual contact.

This is relevant, for example, when the energy supply is restored after an interruption or when a drive starts up unexpectedly due to a faulty control system.


Standard to protect against unexpected start-up/restart

Standard Title
EN ISO 14118

Safety of machinery
Prevention of unexpected start-up


Do you require further information? Please read chapter 4.2.2! The English Safety Compendium offers knowledge around machine safety.

Safety Compendium

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