When is a conveyor line considered no longer accessible?

EN 619 illustrates a conveyor line for an unprotected area within a protected area (safety fence). Would such a conveyor line be deemed to be no longer accessible from a conveyor height >/=1000mm? Is an additional safeguard not required in this case?

Normative background

The following applies in accordance with EN 619:

  • If the height of a continuous flow conveyor is min. 1m and this in itself is used as an obstacle, it must be fixed to the floor and the openings under the conveyor must be closed.
  • If the use of continuous flow conveyors to access the danger point can be predicted, then access must be made difficult in accordance with the risk assessment.

EN ISO 13857 can be applied in this case. The following applies in accordance with EN ISO 13857:

The following is stated as a footnote in the tables (reaching over) in EN ISO 13857.

  • Structures less than a metre are not included because they do not sufficiently restrict access.
  • Structures below 1.4 m should not be used without additional protective measures.



If it must be expected that continuous flow conveyors will be used to access the danger point, then this point must be considered in the risk assessment. Additional measures must be taken in this case, in accordance with the 3-stage plan (the order must be observed)

  1. Design
  2. Technical
  3. User information

Measures may be:

  • Covers / safety fence
  • Entrance tunnel
  • Light beam devices / light grids

However, this depends on the individual application. The machine's work assignment must be guaranteed.


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