PNOZcompact safety relay

Square, simple, yellow

Do you need to safely monitor E-STOPs, safety gates or light barriers/light grids?

Is your application required to achieve Performance Level (PL) e of EN ISO 13849-1, Safety Integrity Level (SIL) CL claim limit 3 of IEC 62061?

Do you need a safety relay that will cover the basic functions?

Is it important to you to save time through simple installation and maintenance?

In that case, the safety relays PNOZcompact are the right solution for you.

A space-saving, high-performance safety relay

  • Its compact design saves you space in the control cabinet
  • Simple installation and maintenance saves you time
  • Tool-free installation because the unit is simply snapped onto the top hat rail
  • Maximum safety thanks to Performance Level (PL) e of EN ISO 13849-1, Safety Integrity Level (SIL) CL claim limit 3 of IEC 62061
  • Connection without separate documentation, made possible by the block diagram with connection example on the housing
  • Quicker service via QR code on the unit for direct access

Safety relay with compact dimensions

  • Units in the PNOZcompact product group are 105 mm high, 100 mm deep and 22.5 mm wide
  • LEDs to display operating voltage and switch status
  • Spring-loaded terminals fixed on the device

Applications: Suitable for basic functions

Safety relay PNOZ c1 – Monitor an E-STOP or safety gate – in any application – safe, simple, yellow. Use one safety relay per safety function. The safety relay PNOZcompact is particularly suitable for production machine manufacturers and large OEMs.

Safety relay PNOZ c1

Safety relay PNOZ c2 – For safe monitoring of light barriers up to Type 4 or of sensors with OSSD outputs in accordance with EN 61496-1. Use the safe, complete solution with the Pilz light barriers PSENopt! All common light barriers can also be connected.

The benefits:

  • Quick response time of just 12 ms delivers maximum safety for your application – enabling you to reduce the distance from hazardous movements
  • Response time is printed on the front panel – that saves you time in the recurring annual ESPE inspection
  • Rapid and operationally safe installation because the light barrier is supplied with voltage directly via the evaluation device PNOZ c2


Safety relay PNOZ c2

Our product range: PNOZcompact

To monitor E-STOP, safety gates, light barriers

For monitoring emergency stop, safety gates or light barriers/light grids; for manufacturers of production machines with high unit outputs and recurring standardised functions.

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