E-STOP pushbutton PITestop

Safety in hazardous situations using emergency stop

Safety in hazardous situations using emergency stop

In accordance with the Machinery Directive, plant and machinery must be fitted with emergency stop equipment so that hazards can be averted or reduced in the case of an emergency. Use the E-STOP pushbutton PITestop to shut down your plant in hazardous situations. PITestop is in use worldwide and fulfils all internationally relevant standards and regulations - e.g. EN/IEC 60947-5-1, EN/IEC 60947-5-5 and EN ISO 13850.

The various versions provide you with a suitable E-STOP for any plant situation: From illuminated pushbuttons and versions with key or protective collar to Protection type IP 67. The various E-STOP pushbuttons are available as panel- or surface-mount versions.

You’ll find the required cable, connector and adapter accessories on the following page under Connection technology

New: PITestop active – Customised E-STOP for the smart factory

With PITestop active, Pilz offers a new range of E-STOP pushbuttons, which can be electrically activated.

The standards ISO 13850 and IEC 60204 have been revised: an E-STOP pushbutton can now switched to active and inactive through illumination. This is the principle applied by the electrically activated E- STOP pushbuttons PITestop active. They indicate by illumination whether or not they are active.

PITestop active is the appropriate solution for your modular plant and machinery, where plant modules can be added. It means that machinery can be designed with greater flexibility. In addition, it is now easier to entirely switch off inactive machine parts, e.g. in interlinked machines, so reducing energy consumption.


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PITestop active is an illuminated E-STOP

PITestop active, the electrically activated E-STOP

  • Can be activated or deactivated
  • Integral solution of the operation signalling
  • Saving cost and time by switching off inactive machine parts
  • Simplified use for the user as active machine parts and control units are marked
  • Covering of inactive E-STOP pushbuttons is no longer required
  • Increased flexibility as the operating mode with interlinked machines can be changed faster

Safety in every situation - benefits at a glance

  • Standards-compliant mushroom-type pushbutton for emergency stop
  • A variety of E-STOP pushbuttons provide the highest level of safety in every situation
  • illuminated, with key, for hygiene environments (IP 69K)
  • Simple, flexible installation thanks to panel and surface mount versions
  • Thanks to the E-STOP symbol, there is no need for additional labelling in the operating language
  • Integrated monitoring function due to quick-connect technology (push-in technology)

Features of the E-STOP

Features of the E-STOP
  • Latching after right/left twist
  • Switch position is clearly visible due to the coloured-ring actuation indicator
  • Available with and without Pilz logo and E-STOP symbol

PITestop active

  • Illuminated when active
  • Surface mount housing with M12 connection is optionally available

PITestop as a complete solution

The PITestop emergency stop push buttons can be used with all the safe control systems provided by Pilz. Connecting the E-STOP switch in series will considerably reduce your wiring effort! Series circuits can be extended to a maximum size of up to 50 emergency stop pushbuttons.

PITestop as a complete solution

E-STOP pushbutton for application in any industry sector

Our product range: E-STOP pushbutton PITestop

E-STOP pushbutton PITestop Sets

Pre-assembled sets in a variety of types for panel and surface mounting make your selection easier.

PITestop/stop contact blocks

Use individual contact blocks to retrofit or complete your individual E-STOP pushbutton.

PITestop/stop pushbutton

Choose the right E-STOP from our wide and modular range: for example, illuminated pushbuttons, versions with key or protective collar, IP67 protection.


Here you'll find suitable accessories for the PITestop/stop.

E-STOP pushbutton PITestop active

Here you find the matching E-STOP PITestop active that can be activated for your modular plants and machinery.

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