PSSuniversal – Communication modules for decentralised I/O systems

Customised solution for your application

Communication modules for decentralised I/O systems

The PSSuniversal communication modules allow you to implement a wide variety of applications. In combination with the PSSuniversal I/O modules, you can use the modules as remote I/Os for the field level. The result is an optimum solution for customised periphery expansion. Connection to a higher level controller is via common industrial communication protocols. The remote I/O function is also available with the special modules PSSuniversal I/O as part of the automation system PSS 4000.

Customised solution for your application – Your benefits

  • Communication with the control level takes place via commonly used fieldbus protocols
  • Safety-related and/or automation functions are processed decentrally at field level
  • Optimum availability thanks to safe block switching
  • Quick commissioning and easy configuration thanks to the independent periphery test
  • Short reaction times and absence of feedback
  • Cost-effective solution for connection to a central controller
Customised solution for your application

Quick and easy commissioning – Overview of features

Quick and easy commissioning
  • Safety-related and standard control functions - physically mixed, but logically separate
  • Designed completely in accordance with PL e of EN ISO 13849-1 and SIL 3 of IEC 61508, as well as other international standards
  • Simple configuration using our software
  • Reduction of switching times
  • Temperature-resistant modules

Communication without feedback through safe block switching

Safe block switching is used to shut down the supply voltage to a group of standard outputs (e.g. several motors) when a hazardous event occurs. So, when a potential hazard occurs (e.g. an emergency stop button is pressed), the safe shutdown of a complete plant section is guaranteed, while other sections can continue to operate.

Rapid configuration with the PSSuniversal Assistant

Put the system structure together quickly and simply via "drag & drop": The PSSuniversal Assistant is the practical configuration tool that enables you to do this. PSSuniversal Assistant is available free of charge. You can enable it to use for programming functions when you purchase a relevant licence.

Communication without feedback through safe block switching

Perfectly tailored to your particular industry application

Our product range: PSSuniversal communication modules

PSSuniversal communication modules in the automation system PSS 4000

Communication modules PSSuniversal I/O, for implementation of safety-related and standard applications in the automation system PSS 4000.

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