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Safety relays PNOZsigma

Can the contact expansion modules for the safety relay PNOZsigma be connected to all base units in the PNOZsigma product group?

Yes, all contact expansion modules for the PNOZsigma product group can be connected to the safety relay base units of the same product group. One exception is the contact expansion module PNOZ s22 - this is only intended for use with the speed monitor PNOZ s30 and the base units PNOZ mm0.1p and PNOZ mm0.2 of the compact controllers PNOZmulti Mini.

Contact expansion modules are used to increase the number of available contacts on a base unit's instantaneous safety contacts.

  • PNOZsigma base units: PNOZ s1, PNOZ s2, PNOZ s3, PNOZ s4, PNOZ s4.1, PNOZ s5, PNOZ s6, PNOZ s6.1, speed monitor PNOZ s30.
  • PNOZsigma contact expansion modules: PNOZ s7, PNOZ s7.1, PNOZ s7.2, PNOZ s8, PNOZ s9, PNOZ s10, PNOZ s11, PNOZ s20, PNOZ s22.

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