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Maximum safety for long cable routes – With PLIDdys!

Safe line monitoring device PLIDdys

The safe line monitoring device PLIDdys provides safe power-up on two-wire connections, providing maximum safety on long cable routes. With PLIDdys, unintended power-up or plant start-up can be excluded in the event of an error. This is particularly beneficial on interlinked plants or on plant sections distributed over a wide area, which may not always be clearly visible.

Line monitoring: benefits at a glance

  • All potential wiring errors are detected through constant line inspection by PLIDdys, no need for customised tests
  • PLIDdys can be looped into the existing wiring, so few additional costs
  • Easy to integrate into existing plants thanks to its small dimensions
  • Saves costs, as the prevailing periphery can be retained
  • Suitable for cable lengths up to 3,000 metres
Monitoring for potential wiring errors and protection against power-up in the event of an error.

The optimum solution PLIDdys: the features

  • Compact design
  • Easy retrofitting of an existing plant
  • Integration of PLIDdys possible e.g. into the sensor or switch
  • The optimum solution for safe cables/connections in combination with the evaluation device PNOZ e8.1p

Application examples: Line monitoring device PLIDdys

  • Cable cars, lift systems
  • Conveyor belts in open cast mining or underground
  • Tunnel boring machinery
  • Press lines
  • Fairground rides
  • Trailing cable applications
  • Interlinked/distributed plant sections
Application examples: Line monitoring device PLIDdys

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