Software for the automation system PSS 4000

PAS4000 – Easy handling of complex functions

Software for the automation system PSS 4000

The PAS4000 software platform completes the PSS 4000 automation system – and it’s completely simple! You can program or configure all controllers in this control centre – including from distributed control systems. So you always have an optimum overview of your entire automation project!

Two worlds converge in PAS4000. So you’ll find functions for safety and automation on one and the same interface. Blocks for automation and safety make it easier for you to create automation programs. The PAS4000 software platform comprises editors for PLC programming and configuration as well as software blocks for the PSSuniversal PLC and PSSuniversal multi control systems.

You can find out more about PAS4000 in our video tutorials.

Video tutorials

New system release for the automation system PSS 4000 1.22

Download projects without software

Now you can prepare the data for operating your machine via an indirect project download, without any connection between the software PAS4000 and your devices.

It's as simple as this:
Your project is divided into individual device projects. You can save these device projects together with the naming data on SD cards or in a directory. To complete the indirect download, transfer the device projects manually to the devices by inserting the SD card into a device and performing the deliberate operator action, for example.

Automation software PAS4000

IEC61131 programming possible with SFC Editor

In PAS4000 you can now also use the programming language Sequential Function Chart (SFC).
You can use this graphics-oriented language to create program and function block type POUs.
The benefit to you: The instruction part is displayed graphically.

Also new:

  • New PITmode blocks in the PAS4000 library
    • FS_MSO_PITreader_Keypad
    • FS_MSO_PITreader_Keypad_PLC
  • New API commands
    • Open existing project: This command opens an existing project.
    • Delete block
    • Output list of all POUs in the project
  • The operator terminals in the PMI v8 series are now also supported
    • PMI v807
    • PMI v812
    • PMI v815

Download the new system release PSS 4000 1.22 now!

Link to software download

Link to readme file

Create projects simply, quickly and intuitively – Your benefits

  • Safety and automation in one platform
  • Easy PLC programming and configuration
  • Project creation for the PSSuniversal PLC and PSSuniversal multi controllers
  • PASmulti graphics program editor for configuration and structuring
  • Simple combination of PAS IL, PAS STL and PAS LD with PASmulti
  • Reduction in errors thanks to pre-defined, reusable blocks
  • Clearly structured project management
  • Licensing using the proven PASunits points system
  • Direct project link between PAS4000 and your PASvisu project
  • Shorter project times thanks to hardware-independent project creation
Create projects simply, quickly and intuitively

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