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PMCtendo DD servo amplifier

Use the modern PMCtendo DD servo amplifier as a drive controller for the widest range of motor technologies. It allows you to operate commonly used motors, e.g. servo, asynchronous and linear motors, as well as applications with special motors. Use the PMCtendo DD servo amplifier for both single-axis and multi-axis applications!

Servo amplifier PMCtendo DD

  • Space-saving thanks to the compact dimensions
  • Very cost-effective solution in the case of low safety requirements – the safe STO function is already included in the basic version
  • Open for various fieldbuses thanks to the slot for the I/O expansion card

An overview of the features

An overview of the features
  • Servo amplifier for motors with feedback, e.g. resolvers or sine/cosine encoders (Hiperface, Endat)
  • Operation of synchronous, asynchronous and linear motors, plus other motors
  • CANopen interface
  • Positioning control
  • Electrical gearbox
  • Compact design for extremely small control cabinets
  • Slot for I/O expansion cards (fieldbus, etc.)
  • Integrated motor brake actuation

Integrated diagnostics

The servo amplifier makes all information and messages available to the master systems: 

  • Motor data
  • Controller data
  • Status of the various interfaces
  • Error messages
  • Warning messages
  • Motion sequences

And a graphics tool is available to help you prepare the data!

Our product range: PMCtendo DD

PMCtendo DD

PMCtendo DD5 compact series – with "safe torque off".

Accessories - PMCtendo DD

Choose from a wide range of accessories. Individually customised types are available to suit your application. Just contact us!

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