System components SafetyNET p

Flexible use in any network architecture

The SafetyNET p system components provide a large number of configuration possibilities for your network topology. Ethernet infrastructure components such as switches, cables and connectors are available.

In Ethernet networks, the SafetyNET p system components form the network infrastructure. The result: different network topologies and increased network extension and performance.

Benefits of SafetyNET p system components at a glance

Benefits of the PSSnet switches at a glance

  • Various architecture options for Ethernet-based communication systems such as SafetyNET p
  • Increase in network availability and network extension
  • Enhances communication performance through network segmentation
  • Extends the flexibility of the application range for Pilz systems with Ethernet interface

Benefits of the SafetyNET p connectors

Quick and easy installation thanks to insulation displacement contact technology (fast contacting without the need for additional tools)

  • Compatible with the "office world" thanks to the RJ45 connector face
  • Errors when inserting the wires are avoided by means of colour markings

Features of switch families at a glance

Switches PSSnet SLL (Switch Low Layer)

  • Are suitable for smaller networks
  • Can be used for industrial Ethernet systems such as SafetyNET p RTFN/RTFL, PROFINET RT, Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP 
  • Plug and play (no configuration necessary)
  • Diagnostic LEDs

Switches PSSnet SHL (Switch High Layer)

  • Comprehensive management functions enable larger networks
  • Can be used for industrial Ethernet systems such as SafetyNET p RTFN/RTFL, PROFINET RT, Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP 
  • Web-based management configuration and diagnosis via a web browser
  • MRP ring redundancy possible

Connectors and cables – A good combination

SafetyNET p connectors

  • Standard IP20 connector for installation in industrial applications
  • Rapid assembly technology using IDC terminals

SafetyNET p cables

  • Standard cable for Industrial Ethernet
  • Electrical: Cat 5e, fast Ethernet (100Mbit/s), 4core

Stripping tool for installation

  • Tool for stripping the insulation from SafetyNET p cables
  • Stripping method saves time, fewer installation errors

Applications in SafetyNET p network

Adapting the network topology to the plant layout:

  • Star topology
  • Tree topology
  • Implementation of branches (stub lines)

Increases network availability:

  • EMC stability can be increased thanks to fibre-optic communication
  • Ring redundancy when the communication path is interrupted, or in the event of a defective component 

Increases network extension:

  • Large distances can be bridged without problem thanks to fibre-optic communication
  • Distances of up to 30 km are possible

Logic segmentation via VLAN (Virtual LAN):

  • PSSnet SHL managed switches support VLAN
  • VLAN enables logic segmentation of the network regardless of the physical location of the devices
  • Subscribers can be assigned to a VLAN by means of switch configuration
  • Utilisation of the available bandwidth can be increased
  • Switches can prioritise data from one VLAN over that of another VLAN

Our product range: System components SafetyNET p

Stripping Tool

Stripping Tool for SafetyNET p Cable

SafetyNET p – Switches

PSSnet switches can be used to adapt the network topology flexibly to your plant layout. These components enable topologies such as star, tree and ring structure. Thanks to the use of various media such as fibre optics, network limits can now be expanded without problem.

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