System components SafetyNET p

Flexible use in any network architecture

The SafetyNET p system components provide a large number of configuration possibilities for your network topology. Ethernet infrastructure components such as switches, cables and connectors are available.

In Ethernet networks, the SafetyNET p system components form the network infrastructure. The result: different network topologies and increased network extension and performance.

Benefits of SafetyNET p system components at a glance

Benefits of the PSSnet switches at a glance

  • Various architecture options for Ethernet-based communication systems such as SafetyNET p
  • Increase in network availability and network extension
  • Enhances communication performance through network segmentation
  • Extends the flexibility of the application range for Pilz systems with Ethernet interface

Benefits of the SafetyNET p connectors

Quick and easy installation thanks to insulation displacement contact technology (fast contacting without the need for additional tools)

  • Compatible with the "office world" thanks to the RJ45 connector face
  • Errors when inserting the wires are avoided by means of colour markings

Features of switch families at a glance

Switches PSSnet SLL (Switch Low Layer)

  • Are suitable for smaller networks
  • Can be used for industrial Ethernet systems such as SafetyNET p RTFN/RTFL, PROFINET RT, Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP 
  • Plug and play (no configuration necessary)
  • Diagnostic LEDs

Switches PSSnet SHL (Switch High Layer)

  • Comprehensive management functions enable larger networks
  • Can be used for industrial Ethernet systems such as SafetyNET p RTFN/RTFL, PROFINET RT, Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP 
  • Web-based management configuration and diagnosis via a web browser
  • MRP ring redundancy possible

Connectors and cables – A good combination

SafetyNET p connectors

  • Standard IP20 connector for installation in industrial applications
  • Rapid assembly technology using IDC terminals

SafetyNET p cables

  • Standard cable for Industrial Ethernet
  • Electrical: Cat 5e, fast Ethernet (100Mbit/s), 4core

Stripping tool for installation

  • Tool for stripping the insulation from SafetyNET p cables
  • Stripping method saves time, fewer installation errors

Applications in SafetyNET p network

Adapting the network topology to the plant layout:

  • Star topology
  • Tree topology
  • Implementation of branches (stub lines)

Increases network availability:

  • EMC stability can be increased thanks to fibre-optic communication
  • Ring redundancy when the communication path is interrupted, or in the event of a defective component 

Increases network extension:

  • Large distances can be bridged without problem thanks to fibre-optic communication
  • Distances of up to 30 km are possible

Logic segmentation via VLAN (Virtual LAN):

  • PSSnet SHL managed switches support VLAN
  • VLAN enables logic segmentation of the network regardless of the physical location of the devices
  • Subscribers can be assigned to a VLAN by means of switch configuration
  • Utilisation of the available bandwidth can be increased
  • Switches can prioritise data from one VLAN over that of another VLAN

Our product range: System components SafetyNET p

Stripping Tool

Stripping Tool for SafetyNET p Cable

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