Safe premises, for optimum protection of your staff

Safe premises

CENELEC standards, Machinery Safety Directive, CE conformity… we have perspective in this standards' jungle. We provide support, from project planning and programming through to documentation and the approvals process. As for drawing up compliant technical documentation for the authorities - you can gladly leave that to us as well.

For this purpose, we have tailored our machinery safety and automation services to the railway.

We provide support, from analysis through to implementation of your new safety concept. You get everything from one place and in future have no more worries about your staff's welfare.

Individually produced and systematically conducted risk assessment

As part of the risk assessment we check your premises in accordance with the applicable national or international standards. In doing so we consider machinery safety as well as railway technology standards, such as CENELEC. Once we have identified and assessed existing hazards, we'll provide you with recommendations as to where you can improve your safety measures and reduce hazards.

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Safety concept

Safety concept

The door to your washing plant should only open when there is no train in the plant. Equally, interlockings should only be accessible to authorised personnel or lifting platforms should remain raised when there are mechanics underneath them. In these situations, our fixed and movable guards provide the necessary safety in conjunction with the safe controller. What's more, we work with you to develop our safety concept, which contains recommendations regarding the efficient use of safety technology.

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Safety design

Once we have worked with you to define the safety concept, we will implement it within the safety design. In other words, we will assign specific components to the planned measures and undertake the engineering for you. All the time, the focus is on your requirements. And of course, we take into consideration the currently applicable standards.

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Safety design

System implementation

System implementation

When the safety design is in place, we implement all the relevant safety systems in your plant. We plan and control the project, then supply and install the safety components, as well as the control and visualisation system. Then we commission the plant and train your maintenance staff. So you no longer need to worry about the safety technology.

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Safety validation

A safety validation shows that your plant facilities now have state-of-the-art safety technology and you are prepared in case of an emergency. After implementing our systems, we examine and evaluate all safety measures, based on your safety requirements. In this way you meet the normative requirements. We check that the sensors and actuators are wired correctly and also check the safety-related software and hardware functions. We provide you with a comprehensive test report, with recommendations on the measures required.

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Safety validation

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