Cables and plug-in connectors

Our product range

A large number of compatible cable accessories enables many advanced functionalities. Here you can select the solution that's right for you.

Pre-assembled cable

Benefit from customised solutions for your safe application! Our offer includes a range of different cable types with M8, M12, M23 round plug-in connectors and RJ45 connectors.

Cable by the metre

Cables combined with plug-in connectors are the right choice for connecting central units to a line, for lengths over 50 m or when the lengths required are unknown!


Should plugs and sockets not fit, passive adapters enable round plug-in connectors to be connected in the field. A wide selection of adapters makes the necessary connections simpler.

Plug-in connectors

Plug-in connectors are needed to connect cable by the metre to suitable plugs and sockets. Rely on our round plug-in connector technology or RJ45 technology!

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