Sep. 23, 2021

The new safety relay myPNOZ

Anyone who hasn't yet heard about the new safety relay myPNOZ should definitely read on now! We answer the most frequently asked questions about the new safety relay.

The new safety relay myPNOZ bridges the gap between simple safety relays for one safety function and configurable small controllers. With the new, modular safety relay you can monitor up to 16 safety functions - without any knowledge of programming. Assemble your solution intuitively with a click via the online tool myPNOZ Creator. The highlight: when you receive the safety relay it is already assembled and preset, so all you have to do is wire it in the control cabinet. Ready!

  • What new product features and benefits emerge from using myPNOZ?

To name just some of the benefits of the myPNOZ: Global safety function and power supply selectable via head module; expansion modules selectable individually as required. Modules connected simply and quickly via BUS connector. Relays and semiconductor outputs also possible. Simple to expand and extend the system.

  • Why is the safety relay myPNOZ particularly easy to handle?

You don't need any programming knowledge; all of the engineering is possible via the online tool myPNOZ Creator and via screwdriver. It is possible to change the settings and exchange and expand modules without any knowledge of programming and without dismantling the whole system.

  • What does the myPNOZ ordering process look like exactly?

You can reach your individual myPNOZ in 3 simple steps. You create: You create your individual myPNOZ simply using the user-friendly myPNOZ Creator. We build: Each safety relay is pre-assembled in accordance with your individual configuration, tailor-made by us in batch size 1. You install: myPNOZ is quick and easy to install. You’ll receive your myPNOZ ‘ready for plug and play’.

  • What exactly does a "modular structure" on myPNOZ mean?

This type of modularity is unique on the market (pay what you need). You have a large selection of input, output and input/output modules and can assemble these individually for each application. Expansion modules also enable additional safety functions and an increase in the number of contacts available. Even after commissioning!


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The new safety relay myPNOZ

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