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Configurable safety systems PNOZmulti

The original configurable safety system!

Configurable safety systems PNOZmulti

The configurable safety systems PNOZmulti have been on the market since 2002 and are now in use hundreds of thousands of times over. They enable you to implement several safety functions on one plant or machine.

Thanks to the modular structure, PNOZmulti adapts to the size of your plant or machinery. By using a variety of modules – such as speed or standstill monitor, safe analogue input modules or various base units – you can make your application extremely flexible. The safety systems are multifunctional, freely configurable and tailor-made for many areas of mechanical and plant engineering.

PNOZmulti monitors your safety functions such as E-STOP, safety gates, light barriers, two-hand and many more. Our configurable safety systems PNOZmulti are a worldwide safety standard for all machine types!

Benefits to you

  • Ideal for covering applications of 4 safety functions and above
  • Potential for savings in all engineering phases thanks to intuitive software tool
  • Short downtimes thanks to easy diagnostics
  • Certified worldwide
Benefits to you

Features of the safety systems PNOZmulti

Features of the safety systems PNOZmulti
  • Multiple base units for varying requirements: stand-alone or modular and expanded, for rugged industrial environments, with serial or ETH interface, special versions for press applications or burner management
  • Output modules with semiconductor or relay outputs
  • Safe speed monitors for motion monitoring
  • Link modules used to connect PNOZmulti base units safely or to connect decentralised modules PDP
  • Fieldbus modules for connection to higher level fieldbus systems
  • Software tool PNOZmulti Configurator to create safety functions

Applications – Safe and economical

You will find the configurable safety systems PNOZmulti in many different applications in a wide variety of industries. Intelligent merging of safety and automation functions, the modular concept and simple configuration mean the system can control from the simplest machine to distributed plants. And PNOZmulti is so flexible that it can also be adapted to suit your application – guaranteed!

Applications – Safe and economical

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