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Electrical Machine Safety in Industrial Installations (EN IEC 60204)


Anyone who manufactures, imports, exports or operates industrial machinery and switchgear - and is responsible for its safety under the German Equipment Safety Act - has a duty of inspection under EN 60204). The objective of the training is to put across the basics of electrical safety of plant and machinery to you. The requirements of the standard EN IEC 60204 for the electrical safety of machinery are presented. You discover what requirements need to be taken into account in the drafting, design or maintenance of electrical, electronic and programmable electronic equipment and machinery systems.



  • Overview of the electrical standards for the safe design of plant and machinery
  • Requirements for electrical installations
  • Electrical hazards/measures to protect against electric shocks
  • Tried-and-tested wiring examples
  • Requirements for operator interfaces with machine control functions and equipment
  • Requirements for the location and assembly of control units
  • Validation and verification

Target groups

  • Qualified electricians
  • competent persons
  • Nominated persons in control of a work activity
  • Qualified electricians in charge
  • Nominated persons in control of an electrical installation
  • Designers

Benefits to you

  • Get to know the scope of EN IEC 60204.
  • Take advantage of the benefits provided by technical documentation.
  • Understand how to protect yourself and your staff.
  • Reduced assembly times based on sustainable planning.
  • Tried-and-tested methods of electrical design in control cabinet construction

주문 번호 1T000058
기간 1,5 Days
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