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Visualisation with PASvisu – Programming


The PASvisu Web-based visualisation software allows machine manufacturers to carry out easy configuration and users to use simple operating and monitoring functions. The aim of this training course is to familiarise participants with PASvisu’s many different uses and train them to use them. The areas for use are demonstrated using practical exercises and examples of applications. Participants create and test a visualisation independently.



  • Project configuration of visualisation with the PASvisu Builder
  • Hardware and database connections (PNOZmulti, PSS 4000, OPC UA connection)
  • PASvisu functions and modules
    - Inputs and outputs
    - User management
    - Language switching
    - Diagnostic list and log
  • PASvisu licensing
  • Programming exercises

Target groups

  • Planner
  • Programmer
  • System integrators
  • Plant and machinery support engineers


Basic knowledge of the configurable control system PNOZmulti or basic knowledge of the automation system PSS 4000

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