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Functional safety with EN ISO 13849 and EN IEC 62061


The objective of the training is to put across to you the processes and standards that are important in the design and evaluation of safety-relevant control systems. This training addresses how ISO 13849-1 (standard for safety-relevant control systems) is applied in automation and in the design of plants. In addition, we present to you the requirements that result from the standard EN IEC 62061.



  • Safety regulations and standards (introduction)
  • Standards for safety-relevant control systems
  • ISO 13849
  • EN IEC 62061
  • Detailed overview of the design principles for safety-relevant control systems
  • Calculation of the safety integrity level (SIL) and performance level (PL)
  • Use of the PAScal Safety Calculator

Target groups

Developers, design engineers and planners in plant and machine engineering and control and automation technology.


Participants in this training course can purchase the full version of the PAScal Safety Calculator from us at the discount price of EUR 100 including software licence. You can save over EUR 200. Just talk to us!

Benefits to you

  • Detailed evaluations from safety design
  • Main architectures and alternatives in the design of safety-relevant control systems, including practical examples
  • Advantages of a structured concept for the design of safety systems
  • Tried-and-tested methods for your machine design

주문 번호 1T000043
기간 1 Day
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