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LOTO: Lock Out Tag Out

Safety-related Locking and Interlocking


The aim of the training is that the participants receive a detailed understanding of the requirements and applications of Lock Out Tag Out, i.e. the safety-related locking and interlocking of various energy supplies. This applies especially in relation to the safety of machinery. This seminar includes both the legal requirements and the practical examples as well as the implementation.


The seminar “LOTO: Lock Out Tag Out” gives a detailed summary of specific methods and processes for the protection of staff against unexpected electrical energy discharges during commissioning and especially during regular maintenance work on plant and machinery.

  • Safety regulations and standards for plant and machinery
  • Various energy types
  • Unexpected start-up
  • LOTO processes:
  • - Overview of LOTO processes and their requirements
  • - Responsibilities
  • - The most important methods, documents and necessary markings of the locked systems.
  • - Correct implementation using practical examples
  • - LOTO methodology
  • - LOTO development processes
  • - LOTO tools

Target groups

  • Technical personnel, especially maintenance staff
  • Service staff, safety officers
  • Designers, electrical engineers and production managers

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