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Pressure-sensitive safety mat PSENmat

Pressure-sensitive safety mat PSENmat

The PSENmat is a world first: it is a pressure-sensitive safety mat with integrated switch functionality. As such the pressure-sensitive safety mat is suitable for more than area monitoring. PSENmat also has an operating function, which triggers actions that can be freely defined in advance. This is enabled via an integrated virtual switch.

With the pressure-sensitive safety mat PSENmat you have a pressure-sensitive safeguard to protect workers in accordance with EN ISO 13856-1. The safety mat detects when people step on it, reliably records their position and forwards the position data to the safe controller. Should anyone enter the danger zone, PSENmat slows down or stops the machine (access protection). While there is anyone inside the detection zone, the pressure-sensitive safety mat also prevents the machine from restarting unintentionally (protection against encroachment behind the detection zone).
The reaction time in this case is low, ≤ 25 milliseconds.

Safe monitoring and new operating concepts

The pressure-sensitive safety mat PSENmat also has position detection and enables new machine operating concepts. As a result, workers can use individually definable mat areas to take advantage of the integrated switch functionality and work hands-free. With PSENmat you can create an unobstructed workspace and considerably reduce the risk of accidents.

The application areas for the pressure-sensitive safety mat PSENmat are many and varied because the mats are so flexible: they can be used when other safety products have reached their limits. So PSENmat is suitable above all for use in complex, heavily obstructed applications – even when visibility conditions are poor. You can also use the pressure-sensitive safety mat to control operating processes on your plant and machinery or for quality control.

The integrated OSSD outputs ensure a high degree of flexibility. They can be connected to any analysis unit. If you connect the pressure-sensitive safety mat in series you can substantially reduce the wiring work involved. You can connect up to 22 pressure-sensitive safety mats, depending on your requirement.

Pressure-sensitive safety mat PSENmat – An overview of your benefits

Application range of pressure-sensitive safety mat
  • Pressure-sensitive safety mat (failsafe) and position detection (standard) in one product – area monitoring and virtual switch function combined for the first time
  • Enables ergonomic and safe workstations due to integrated switch functionality
  • High flexibility and dynamic operating concept, due to the "virtual switch", which can be individually defined
  • Wide range of application areas – from controlling machine operating processes to quality control
  • Up to 22 safety mats can be connected in series

Features of the pressure-sensitive safety mat PSENmat

  • Standard-compliant pressure-sensitive safety mat in accordance with EN ISO 13856-1
  • SIL 2 in accordance with EN ISO 61508, Safety Level Pl d in accordance with EN 13849
  • Integrated OSSD outputs ensure high flexibility and reduced wiring
  • Increased safety due to very fast reaction time: ≤ 25 ms
  • Can be used in an ambient temperature of 0°C to +50°C
  • Resistant, robust pressure-sensitive mat with protection type IP 67- also aimed at high mechanical loads
  • Mat size 1000 mm x 600 mm, with a height of 32 mm
Fastening of ramps and mats

Industry use of the pressure-sensitive safety mat


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